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Neuromed 9 1. The procedures enable the ultrasound prostate adenoma of the thyroid gland size, of the thyroid parenchyma structure and vascularization, highlights ultrasound prostate adenoma focal or diffuse lesions, makes the difference between the cyst and the solid lesions, as well as between the benign and malignant thyroid nodule, highlights the local adenopathies, makes the difference between a thyroid nodule and a cervical mass of a different origin.

It is non-irradiating, noninvasive, it can be repeated, enables the fine needle biopsy, is useful in postoperative monitoring of the recurrence in patients with thyroid cancer surgery.

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The thyroid ultrasound is used in the percutaneous treatment with ethanol in case of the toxic adenomatous thyroid nodules. It is useful to diagnose the thyroid colloid cysts, thyroid goiter, thyroid cancer, acute, subacute or chronic thyroid, autoimmune or non-autoimmune thyroid.

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The thyroid cyst is avascular without vascularizationthe benign nodular formations are hypovascularized low vascularizationmostly peripheral vascularization. Thyroid ultrasound brings further information on the differentiation between the benign and malignant nodule, makes the difference between the cyst and the solid nodule —see breast elastography for technical ultrasound prostate adenoma and lesional semiology.

In conclusion: the thyroid ultrasound is the primary intention technique for the investigation of the thyroid gland.

Noncystic tumor lesiosns of the thyroid gland are evaluated by complex imaging techniques, such as cervical region MRI and CT. General abdominal standard ultrasound It is the imaging method that uses the ultrasounds to view the abdominal organs gallbladder, liver, biliary tract, kidney, spleen, retroperitoneum.

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It is performed by the ultrasound scanner, by using a 3. The gallbladder investigation must be performed a jeun at least 8 hours medicamente pentru tratamentul prostatei, by refraining from drinking coffee and soda.

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The abdominal ultrasound enables fine needle biopsies, ultrasound-guided percutaneous treatment ultrasound-guided percutaneous alcoholization and radiofrequency ablation in case of primitive or secondary liver tumors. It is the screening method for patients with liver carcinoma risk ultrasound prostate adenoma the performance of the standard ultrasound and the dosing of the alpha-fetoprotein each 6 months.

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